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Sun, Mar. 12th, 2006, 08:19 pm

hello all, this is bob, pete told me i should join this, so i have.
here is a possible song, its got no words, and its under a minute. I found on the internet how to work out my chords to idas chords so this should make some sense.

NOTE: I think i have got all the timings wrong writing this out.

there is an intro it goes

G G G G G# G# G# G#
G G G G A# A# A# A#
G G G G (G# G F# F) the G's are played up and down, and the rest just down strokes.
The bit in brackets is chugged. not sure how that works on real chords.

then it goes.

G G G G C# C# A# A# all this x4

G C#
(x12) (x12) this might not be x12, i'm not sure, i can count and play it.
G A#
(x12) (x12)

G C# each of these x8 i think, fairly quick.
G A#

and thats it i think, do all of it thats not the intro twice. it doesnt have an end yet. it's a hell of a lot easier than it sounds.

For the Bass these are transalations: all are on top string, but can probably be played elsewhere

f = 1
f# = 2
G = 3
g# = 4
a# = 6
b = 7
c# = 9

Also, i can practice on tuesday afternoon